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You have opportunities. You face threats. What you need are smart, quantifiable methods of distinguishing one from the other and maximizing your chances of success. NPD’s Analytic Solutions group includes a team of senior leaders with extensive experience developing and delivering analytic solutions that help clients predict areas of risk and growth to improve marketing and product development.

We combine NPD POS and consumer information, industry expertise, and custom survey research – then add state-of-the-discipline research techniques and methodologies to explain the "why behind the buy.” Through advanced modeling we offer insight into what will happen in the future, not just what has happened in the past.

To see how our Analytic Solutions team can answer your most pressing business questions, check out our suite of solutions:

Price and Promotion Management

Is your promotional and pricing strategy driving optimal sales for your brand? How will a competitor’s price drop impact your sales, and how should you respond? In the world of pricing and promotion, many complex, inter-related factors are at play. With our Price and Promotion Management Tool, a subscription-based suite evaluates past promotional performance and simulates future promotions and pricing decisions. This category-wide, easy-to-use tool is regularly updated to provide instant insights for faster, better decision-making.

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Analytic Reporting

Get distribution- and velocity-enhanced insights through Excel-based reporting tools that are aligned with your business issues. Spot emerging trends not yet apparent in tracking data, uncover unique dynamics within a distinct geography, demographic, or store group, and get a behind-the-scenes look at competitive distribution strategies and growth drivers.

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In-Market Testing

Why wait all year long to see if your marketing campaigns are successful? With In-Market Testing, you can test the impact of your campaigns in select markets to ensure you’ve got it right before a broader rollout. Understand how your digital campaigns impact in-store sales for the optimal level of ad spend—and media mix—to support your sales strategy.

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What consumer segments should you target and why? And how do you know if you're successful over time? Now you can view total industry sales through a consumer-centric lens for more insight into your customers and improved decision-making across your organization. This analytic solution allows you to mesh your proprietary segmentation scheme with NPD's Consumer Tracking Service for your industry. 

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Market Forecasting

Will your product category grow or decline? Why? What does this mean for your market share? We’ve designed our market forecasting solution to paint a precise, full-color picture of future patterns and trends in your key categories, to help you understand what’s shaping and driving those trends. Partner with our team to predict your addressable market over time. Understand how changing market conditions, cross-category interactions, assortment, and distribution will impact your brand in the future.

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