Pulling the Right Levers

Marketing Mix: How a Leading Footwear Manufacturer Increased Sales and Market Share

Shoe buyers, even savvy ones, can be fickle. A popular shoe today may see its shine fade a year from now. Footwear manufacturers grapple with this all the time. There are times, however, when their diagnosis—“fickle shoe buyer”—is not quite right. Advertising is a piece of the puzzle too. And so are pricing, distribution, and other marketing levers . . .

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Effectively Measuring Performance

Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking: How a Beverageware Maker Found the Most Productive Products To Optimize its Portfolio

Which items in my portfolio deserve more attention and investment next year? It’s a question asked time and again by businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Recently a leading manufacturer of beverageware wanted to know which of its glassware products were most likely to drive growth, and which merited expanded distribution and marketing/promotional dollars

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Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking: How a Headphone Manufacturer Grew Sales by Expanding Distribution

Recently, a consumer electronics manufacturer approached us in its effort to grow its headphone business. It needed a retailer to carry its latest headphone model, but there was just one problem: the item’s overall sales and market share were lower than that of competing brands. Even so, our client knew it had a winner. This client asked us, “How can we convince the retailer to carry our headphones in its stores?”

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Store-Level Enabled Retail: How a Retailer Grew Sales by Merchandising Different Products by Market

Consumers in different markets have different preferences. While that may seem obvious, knowing what will sell best market by market isn’t always apparent. A retailer recently turned to us for help in its effort to ramp up sales in the fan category. With a number of options to choose from, our client needed to know how to merchandise and promote stand fans, box fans, and tower fans—in each market.

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Custom Analytic Reporting: How a Leading Apparel Manufacturer Expanded a $49 Million Business

Retail success demands that manufacturers be at the forefront of what’s new, cool, and exciting to shoppers. If a retail buyer decides a particular product or brand is unlikely to fly off the shelves, the decision can cost an unsuspecting manufacturer significant business. Sometimes, it can cost the entire business . . .

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Custom Analytic Reporting: How a Global Beauty Brand Amped Up Sales

A strong sales team can be a critical cog in a resilient brand, especially one that spans multiple, diverse regions. When sales and market share are down, for instance, the C-suite often looks to its sales team—the front-line personnel—to figure out why. But feedback from the front line isn’t always sufficient. The picture painted can be incomplete, lacking crucial colors . . .

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Customers, Competitors and Opportunities

Checkout Tracking: How a Restaurant Chain Learned Not To Worry About Competitors’ New Pricing

Recently a major restaurant chain came to us after seeing that a number of their rivals had all adopted a new, lower price “value meal” approach to menu pricing. The chain was inclined to follow suit, but first wanted to know if the data indicated the new approach was actually working for their competitors, and whether the absence of such an approach was hurting them.

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Checkout Tracking: How Item-Level Data Uncovered a Retailer’s True Competitive Disadvantage

This year, a top retailer came to us as after realizing they’d lost a significant portion of their core customers over recent years. Our client needed to understand the difference between their assortment and the competition. They needed to know which items were selling well, which they should consider adding to their assortment, and which they should avoid.

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New Product Forecasting: How a Manufacturer Launched a New Dental Water Jet

A great smile can go a long way; it’s one of the first things people notice about you. One component to a great smile is dental care, yet many people aren’t very good at brushing and flossing. It turns out that the effects of less-than-ideal oral hygiene methods accumulate over time and contribute to periodontal disease. And that can be a big problem. As we age, we want to eat our favorite foods, pain-free, with healthy gums and teeth intact . . .

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New Product Forecasting: How a Manufacturer Launch a New Bra

Our client, a lingerie manufacturer, wanted to launch a new bra to stay ahead of trends, but its new product success rate was in decline. Our client started planning a new bra – comfortable and feminine. But . . . what would set the new bra apart from its many competitors? How could the client determine its likelihood of success in this category? The client wanted to be more analytical in its concept testing and turned to NPD for help.

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Segmentation: How a Food Manufacturer Sold More Deli Meats

Turkey, ham, salami, liverwurst, bologna—they’ve been staples of the American diet for decades. And while typically associated with the “lunch” occasion, one person’s deli meat lunch can differ drastically from another’s. A Black Forest ham sandwich might be eaten over a work desk to ward off hunger until dinnertime, while a low-sodium turkey breast wrap may be . . .

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Market Forecasting: How a Retailer Improved Its Assortment

If you’re a retailer, how can you possibly predict retail’s future? How do you know what items might trend next season, which you should stock up on next quarter, and what real estate to give them on your shelves? Often, retailers rely on historical performance to inform future decisions. But the past doesn’t always account for other influencing sales factors, like manufacturer behavior or economic changes . . .

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Market Mapping for Food: How a Manufacturer Reignited Sluggish Sauce Sales

These days, when it comes to grocery shopping, it’s all about the perimeter of the grocery store. Fresh food consumption is on the rise, and U.S. shoppers are more leery than ever of preservatives, processing, and all other unnatural food ingredients. So if you’re a manufacturer and your products live in the center aisles of the grocery store, we’re willing to bet you’ve . . .

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Market Mapping for Foodservice: How a Pickle Maker Sold More Product

Pickle manufacturers know the pickle will never be the star of any meal. But pair it with a toasted sandwich, pile it high on a juicy burger, deep fry it, or dress it up as a market vegetable appetizer—and it becomes a killer sidekick. Over the past five years, the classic deli-style coleslaw and pickle accompaniment has fallen by the wayside as salads and new side dishes have stolen the spotlight . . .

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