Do you have questions specific to your product development, advertising, packaging, and business? Custom research from our Analytic Solutions team lets you go straight to your consumers to better understand their motivations, attitudes, and shopping behavior, for improved performance.

Our custom, proprietary research delivers information about the consumers who may (or may not) want your product. These studies focus on the information you need, when you need it, addressing the following:

  • How changes in shopping patterns impact your category
  • How branding affects your product
  • The reasons for sales declines in a certain area or age group
  • Buyer lifestyles, attitudes, and preferences to help create the most compelling products and marketing campaigns

Many of our clients say the best part of doing custom research with us is that they don’t need to spend money and time building a sample and doing the fieldwork—we do it for them.

Our Analytic Solutions division includes experts across concept testing, package testing, brand awareness and usage studies, brand perceptions, and ad campaign tracking. With access to all of our consumer and retail tracking data, they are dedicated to developing and analyzing custom surveys to answer all your questions accurately and efficiently.

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