How do you know whether your marketing, advertising, and other decisions under your control are paying off, and how you might optimize future spending?

Our Marketing Mix analytic solution helps you determine the return on investment (ROI) for each of your marketing activities, so you can make changes to improve sales and share.

Our Analytic Solutions team will develop a marketing mix model to estimate the effect of individual marketing levers on your sales and share, at both the national and local market levels. They’ll even examine in-store communication materials, study creative executions, and research media delivery—because context matters, too.  

We’ll then advise you in the following three areas:

  • The overall contribution of marketing efforts to your sales
  • The ROI of each marketing channel
  • The ROI of individual elements within each channel (e.g., advertisements at particular properties, marketing campaigns)

An understanding of these granular elements, plus the recommendations we offer, will help you spend your money even more wisely. As part of the engagement, for instance, we'll present a scenario that reallocates spend to the most effective elements, reducing or eliminating less effective and/or less profitable elements. Our recommendations will take into account true-to-life aspects of marketing allocation, such as maximum spend levels and decreasing efficiency at higher spend levels.

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Marketing Mix Case Study: How a Leading Footwear Manufacturer Increased Sales and Market Share

Shoe buyers, even savvy ones, can be fi ckle. A popular shoe today may see its shine fade a year from now. Footwear manufacturers grapple with this all the ti me. There are ti mes, however, when their diagnosis—“fi ckle shoe buyer”—is not quite right. Adverti sing is a piece of the puzzle too. And so are pricing, distributi on, and other marketi ng levers.

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