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Store-level enabled retail tracking drills down to sub-national geographies or custom store groupings, offering insights that you can’t get any other way. Track regional brands, manage local marketing efforts, monitor sales by retailer or territory.

Distribution and velocity measures yield information on how successful a product is by factoring in availability or number of stores selling for a more meaningful measure of performance. Want to know if consumers love what you make? Velocity can tell you. What’s the upside potential, if any, of winning wider distribution for a particular item? Velocity can tell you.

Account Level Reports reveal sales for specific retailers compared to the total market, improving category management and enhancing collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

ALRs from participating retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and others let manufacturers and retailers see the “one version of the truth” – ensuring that everyone is speaking the same language and working to boost both brand and category performance. In addition, ALRs offer an unprecedented level of insight into how competing brands are performing at key retailers.

Packaged goods manufacturers have used systems like this for years. Now NPD is bringing that same level of insight to general merchandise industries.

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