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Each of our Premium Services offer unique advantages that help our clients make better business decisions. When used in conjunction with one another, their collective granularity, flexibility, and immediacy combine to paint a more complete and relevant picture of performance.

Store-Level Enabled Retail Tracking
It’s not just how much you’re selling; it’s how fast. By capturing store-level data feeds directly from retailers, we’re able to measure velocity, which tells you the rate at which products are selling to measure performance. Want to know if consumers love what you make? Velocity can tell you. What’s the upside potential of winning wider distribution for a particular item? Velocity can tell you. And we can report below a national level, so you can monitor sales, distribution and velocity by retailer, region, or market.

Account Level Reports
Account Level Reports provide benchmarking that enables the comparison of specific retailers with the rest-of-market. This improves decision-making in line reviews, category management, and merchandising—and allows for enhanced collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.

Weekly Data
Weekly data enables clients to more closely monitor performance—faster—to improve business results. Better manage your critical seasonal periods: monitor pricing and merchandising, course correct faster, and improve your planning for next year with the ability to analyze yourself and the competition at a granular level.

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