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Custom Analytic Reporting for Store-Level Enabled Data

Don’t miss valuable opportunities to drive growth, capitalize on changing market dynamics, and deal with threats. Custom analytic reporting from The NPD Group delivers specific, business-critical insights for success.

Custom analytic reporting leverages NPD data to deliver distribution- and velocity-enhanced insights through Excel-based reporting tools that are aligned with your business issues. Use it to:

  • Spot emerging trends not yet apparent in tracking data
  • Uncover unique dynamics within a distinct market or retailer group
  • Monitor share and growth in alignment with how you run your business
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at competitive distribution strategies and growth drivers

Custom analytic reporting lets you customize categories, retailer universes, metrics, and presentation formats. It puts NPD’s unparalleled Store-Level Enabled market intelligence at the fingertips of the people who can best use it to drive change. And it’s delivered in a convenient and visual format that’s portable, shareable, and easy to use.

Here are examples of how you can join the list of top brands and Fortune 500 companies like this apparel manufacturer and global beauty brand already using this solution:

  • “My World” Views: Drive growth within your current distribution. Gain insight into category trends, competitive activity, and your own brand achievements without extra retailer noise. Ensure your sales and field teams have the market intelligence – and support – needed to optimize their efforts.
  • Custom Store Clusters: Identify opportunities, pinpoint weaknesses, track interventions, and boost your knowledge about specific market types: urban markets, ethnic markets, high-income markets, high-growth and highly developed markets, tightly defined regions or geographies, and more.
  • Management-Measurement: Benefit from comp door/same-store sales reporting, retail trade area design and definition.

Build your business with competitive intelligence tailored and curated to address your business challenges.

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