Advanced Modeling and Custom Research

It’s not enough to know what happened in the most recent quarter. And through our  state of the discipline research techniques and rapid-response consumer panels, you can now learn why something happened, and what is likely to happen next.

NPD’s Solutions Group includes a team of senior leaders with extensive experience developing and delivering analytic solutions that address strategic marketing, sales, and planning issues. Our Advanced Modeling and Custom Research services are designed to answer the pressing questions specific to your challenges and your business’ future.

  • Will your market share grow, or do you risk decline? Why?
  • Why do consumers choose your brand? Your competitors?
  • Should you raise your prices? Lower them?
  • How can you optimize assortment for local market dynamics?
  • Should you extend your brand or not?
  • Which geographic regions offer the best return on your marketing spend?
  • And much, much more

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Custom Analytic Reporting: How a Global Beauty Brand Amped Up Sales

A strong sales team can be a critical cog in a resilient brand, especially one that spans multiple, diverse regions. When sales and market share are down, for instance, the C-suite often looks to its sales team—the front-line personnel—to figure out why. But feedback from the front line isn’t always sufficient. The picture painted can be incomplete, lacking crucial colors . . .

Custom Analytic Reporting: How a Leading Apparel Manufacturer Expanded a $49 Million Business

Retail success demands that manufacturers be at the forefront of what’s new, cool, and exciting to shoppers. If a retail buyer decides a particular product or brand is unlikely to fly off the shelves, the decision can cost an unsuspecting manufacturer significant business. Sometimes, it can cost the entire business . . .

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