Test innovations on the fly in real-world settings

Committing to a new course of action—whether it’s a new product, new messaging, or changes to your in-store strategy—raises many questions. Without testing whether new features, assortment, or advertising will connect with consumers and deliver the ROI you’re looking for, you shoulder enormous risk. Our new In-Market Testing service answers mission-critical questions—in your advertising, in your product line, and in how consumers see it all come together in-store or online. It’s designed to help you minimize your risks.

Through In-Market Testing, you can test each innovation—replete with “treatment” and “control” conditions —in select markets to ensure you’ve got it right before a broader rollout. Specifically, we create discrete groupings of markets or even specific stores to give you a precise read of the effect on sales and share in the real marketplace. We also act as your trusted advisor and guide you through every stage of the process.

Whether you’re on the manufacturer or retailer side, this new service can help you test crucial business issues such as:

  • What is the offline impact of your online advertising, and what’s its ROI?
  • Is there a way to estimate how effectively a new in-store display will drive new sales in advance of a full roll-out?
  • Which of these new messaging options best communicates your new product’s benefits?
  • How can you quantify the effect of changes to your in-store strategy?

We’ll walk you through three critical steps so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

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