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Price and Promotion Management Service

Our Price and Promotion Management Service is a subscription-based suite of scenario planning and simulation tools designed to help clients make important price and promotion decisions with greater speed and agility. This category-wide, easy-to-use service is regularly updated to provide instant insights through an intuitive interface for faster decision-making.  It consists of two core modules, Price Management and Promotion Management:

Price Management – a category-wide simulation tool designed to support decisions related to long-term price changes, changes in price structure, and ongoing competitive analysis. Get answers to the most common pricing questions:

  • How will today’s price changes move tomorrow’s sales needle?
  • Can I afford to raise prices?
  • Would a price drop eat into my competitors’ sales – or sales of other products in my own portfolio
  • What are the risks of a pricing action?
  • What if my competitors respond with a price drop?
  • Which brands or segments are best positioned for a price shift?
  • Are my direct competitors (on price) who I think they are?

Promotion Management – a category-wide promotional effectiveness tool designed to help clients measure the effectiveness of their trade promotion spending and benchmark those results against other major brands and items in their category. Get answers to questions like…

  • How effective are my promotions?
  • How much do promotions really add to my total sales?
  • Am I bringing in new buyers, or subsidizing sales I would have had anyway?
  • How do my promotions stack up against the competition?
  • Which items respond best to promotion?
  • Do my holiday promotions deliver against expectations?
  • What are the best times of year for promotions in my category?

This service is built atop the rock-solid foundation of NPD’s data of record: our weekly, Store-Level Enabled, point-of-sale data—which extends across brands and retailers. Analyze the data at the category level for a big-picture view, or at an Account level for a view of what your retailer partners see. We update the service throughout the year, so you can get an accurate reflection of the marketplace.

While the Price and Promotion Management Service is a simpler, faster way to support our clients’ price and promotion decisions, certain questions still benefit from custom analysis. That’s why we also offer our Customized Pricing Solutions, a project-based, ad hoc pricing offering. These projects are delivered over a multi-week period using a consulting approach, tailored to individual client needs and usually focusing on a small set of products.

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