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Shape your strategy with toy category forecasts and insights through 2021

The dynamic toy business is always challenging to predict, with unexpected surprises every year. Yet, you need to build your business plans for success. Maybe your strategy is spot on. Maybe it’s not. Having the best information about the future gives you the ability to test your assumptions and improve your plans. It can mean the difference between success and failure.

With our The Future of Toys report, you get new insights into changing sales trends linked to consumer attitudes and behaviors. Add insightful commentary from top industry advisors, and this powerful resource is what you need to inform your annual and longer-range plans. Use the insights to adjust your innovation plans, assortment strategy, and demand plans.

What’s Included?

The Future of Toys package includes both the annual report and volumetric forecasts through 2021 for all 96 toy subcategories we track. An online reporting tool is also provided to give you interactive access. The written report covers many categories of significant importance in driving the future of the industry. For these categories, we tie critical consumer insight on the profiles of current and future buyers into the forecasts for a complete perspective.

Categories included:

  • Action figures/collectibles
  • Early electronic learning
  • Toddler figures/playsets and accessories
  • Preschool figures/playsets and accessories
  • Preschool vehicles
  • Children’s games
  • Family board/action games
  • Strategic trading card games
  • Fashion dolls
  • Fashion role play and dress up
  • Playset dolls and collectibles
  • Playset doll accessories
  • Large dolls and accessories
  • Blasters/shooters and accessories
  • Standard building sets
  • Special feature/interactive plush
  • Traditional plush toys
  • Reusable compounds
  • Craft kits
  • Radio remote control air
  • Mini vehicles

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