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The Power of Receipts. The Knowledge of Experts.

Checkout TrackingSM provides purchase-tracking data by industry, including market size, share and trend for both online and brick and mortar sales, harvested from the receipts of real consumers.

Now you can know whether your strategies are yielding your fair share of the marketplace, understand the consumers in your space, and see how your performance compares to that of competitors.

With Checkout Tracking you can

  • Maximize focus: When you understand your position and the direction of the market, you can concentrate efforts on the activities that have the greatest impact.
  • Improve tactics: When you can see how things change over time, you can measure the impact of new items, locations, partnerships, and more.
  • Spot opportunities: When brands can see all retailers, they can find appropriate partners. When retailers can see competitors’ sales, they can perfect their performance against key rivals.
  • Market appropriately: When you know who you buyers really are and compare them to your competitors’ buyers – by age, income, location – you can target the right people in the right places.

The key to Checkout Tracking data is the seamless and automatic collection of receipts. The members of our large-scale panel of opt-in consumers aren’t required to remember the details of their purchases. We don’t ask them what they bought and then hope they remember brand, price, etc. correctly. The receipts themselves provide all the answers. And the lack of burden on the panelist offers a low attrition rate and the opportunity to conduct longitudinal analyses.

Most importantly, all our data is benchmarked against The NPD Group’s established data of record, using industry-standard hierarchies.

The NPD Group is recognized around the world for its ability to collect and analyze consumer behaviors without bias – we don’t use incentives that influence purchasing, we don’t use coupons that change category and brand behaviors. We use the skills and expertise we’ve developed over a half century to ensure our data is reliable and useful.

Checkout Tracking is available in easy-to-use dashboards for wide distribution within your organization or in flat files for import into your data warehouse.

The data knows everything. You should, too.

For a more granular view on e-commerce, consumer-centered industry issues, and custom analysis, check out our suite of solutions:

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Checkout Tracking: How a Home-Textiles Manufacturer Averted Delisting and Built a Better Partnership With a Key Retailer

A home-textiles manufacturer found itself facing an increasingly common, and dangerous, problem with distribution. The manufacturer learned one of its key retail partners was rethinking its strategy and looking to reduce the number of items it carried in its bedding department. Buyers at the retailer hinted that the manufacturer’s linen brand might be delisted in the process. The manufacturer turned to Checkout Tracking℠ for help.

How a Specialty Retailer Won the Back-To-School Season with Marketing and Assortment

A retailer, let’s call it Client X, had seen revenue drop for several consecutive back-to-school seasons but was unclear what was causing the downturn. Was the retailer losing customers to rivals? Were existing customers spending less? Were the items the retailer sold simply not resonating with today’s consumers?

Checkout Tracking: How a Manufacturer Sold an Exclusive Product to a Major Retailer

Our client, a footwear manufacturer, wanted to win floor space for a premium product designed exclusively for a major retailer. The manufacturer needed to prove to the retailer that the return on the new product would be worth the incremental spend. Our client turned to us to build a compelling case.

Checkout Tracking: How a Restaurant Chain Recognized the Powerful Life of Limited-Time Offers

Unfortunately, the actual power of LTOs can remain hidden in the bulk of a company’s own point-of-sale (POS) information. Recently an 800+ unit fast casual restaurant chain asked us, “Do you have a way to measure the real-world performance of our fried green tomatoes limited time offer?” Because the chain didn’t have any idea what kind of customers the promotion attracted, there wasn’t a clear way to evaluate the offer and target those buyers with other similar promotions throughout the year.

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