Thoughtful, insight-filled and eminently useful, Checkout Diagnostics looks deeply at specific, consumer-centered issues in your industry. By examining the behaviors of millions of real people over time, Checkout Diagnostics can answer questions that were once unanswerable.

Understand Performance levers – what is really driving growth (or decline) at your brand? See if you’re acquiring more buyers (% of buyers), getting people to spend more money ($s per buyer) or getting people to purchase more often (purchase frequency)?  Is your brand gaining or losing more than its fair share of market size adjustment?

Measure and Build Buyer Loyalty – Looking at longitudinal data means you can know what your customers buy from competitors. Our Share of Wallet metric can be used to determine a retailer or brand’s buyer loyalty (and that of competitors.)

Optimize Assortment, Distribution and Partnerships – Looking at cross-purchasing and brand affinities lets you see where else a brand’s or retailer’s customer shopped in the last 12 months. Know your true competitors and find new allies. Identify the product categories each retail partner sells.

Boost Basket Size and Dollars per Visit – What items have high attach rates? What brands tend to increase basket size? What products should, and shouldn’t, have space on your shelves? What moves, and what doesn’t, in key holiday periods at your competitor? Know the answers to these questions and you’ll build an unstoppable retail powerhouse.

Know What Works – Measure the effectiveness of Limited-Time Offers and special deals. Are you increasing receipt size, cannibalizing existing sales, adding new customers? Spot opportunities to provide better assortment based on buyer behavior and interaction with specific product categories. Learn where to place your products for maximum visibility and reach.

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