Especially designed for clients who desire an in-depth look at the E-commerce channel.

Checkout Tracking E-Commerce reports comprehensive sales data on 500 e-commerce retailers, giving our clients the chance to see size, share and trend for emerging players, online powerhouses, and direct-to-consumer and vertical specialty sites.

Checkout Tracking E-Commerce gives you visibility into size, share, and trend for key players like and  It also tracks top sites, quantifying the volume of business done direct-to-consumer.

With Checkout Tracking E-Commerce you can

  • Maximize focus: When you understand your position and the direction of the market, you can concentrate efforts on the activities that have the greatest impact.
  • Improve tactics: When you can see how things change over time, you can measure the impact of new items, locations, partnerships, and more.
  • Spot opportunities: When brands can see all retailers, they can find appropriate partners. When retailers can see competitors’ sales, they can perfect their performance against key rivals.
  • Market appropriately: When you know who you buyers really are and compare them to your competitors’ buyers – by age, income, location – you can target the right people in the right places.

Checkout Tracking E-Commerce is available in easy-to-use dashboards for wide distribution within your organization or in flat files for import into your data warehouse.

The data knows everything. You should, too.

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