Capturing online purchasing information from more than 3 million consumers, Checkout E-commerce Tracking is the only consumer panel tracking your fastest-growing channel—and providing e-commerce analytics to dig deeper into trends uncovered in the data.

We measure the entire e-commerce retail landscape, with more than 600 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, direct-to-consumer entities, top industry-specific retailers, and emerging players. Our online panel is 10 times bigger than others in the marketplace, providing the most complete view of e-commerce available today. 

Based on information from receipts provided by over 3 million consumers through NPD’s partnership with Rakuten Intelligence, Checkout E-commerce Tracking delivers detailed category views in standard industry hierarchy, with comprehensive feature coding. Dashboards and exportable data tables allow you to track unit volume and share, dollar volume and share, and average price, across industry and sub-category. Clients can also count on a stable trend, backed by a static panel with alignment and benchmarking to NPD’s POS and Consumer data sets. Beyond the data, we offer industry expertise and insight on how to win in e-commerce.

Are you properly equipped to win in e-commerce? Contact us today to learn more on how to get the data and insights you need to win.

For a deeper view into consumer-centered, industry-specific issues in brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, check out our custom analysis options available as part of an analytics subscription or ad-hoc:

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