Identify the biggest growth opportunities across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce with proven longitudinal panel analytics. Our 35,000-person omnichannel panel is the only omnichannel tracking panel available for general merchandise. With our omnichannel shopper and buyer analytics, you'll get critical insights on your most valuable customer, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, and brand launches.

Analyzing purchase behavior over time is vital to understand rapidly evolving consumer tastes and trends – such as volume shifts online – that are disrupting retail. Checkout's Omnichannel Analytics delivers longitudinal buyer-based insights, key to understanding actionable consumer behavior elements over time online and in-store. Checkout can tell you how key buyer groups perform when your brand is in play, and when it’s not.  

You can work with us in two ways, through Checkout Essentials or Checkout Advanced Analytics, which each offer flexibility based on your unique needs. These insights will help inform your business strategy by identifying the most lucrative growth paths:

  • Winning new customers
  • Increasing spend per visit
  • Increasing visits

Checkout Essentials

Checkout Essentials provides critical foundational insights for understanding buyer dynamics behind sales performance. Analyses include Buyer Essentials, Competitive Essentials, Market Basket Essentials, Category Essentials, Foodservice Essentials, and Retailer Essentials: (click for more)

  • Buyer Essentials: penetration, purchase frequency, and spend to quantify and go after your head room
  • Competitive Essentials: loyalty and leakage to benchmark success and target competitive threats
  • Market Basket Essentials: order composition and ring to understand and maximize the value of your category mix and brands in the basket
  • Category Essentials: a digest of Buyer, Competitive and Market Basket Essentials for one category of focus
  • Foodservice Essentials: a combination of buyer metrics (penetration, frequency and check), competitive insights, and the consumer interaction across brands to provide a baseline of foodservice consumer behavior
  • Retailer Essentials: a compilation of views including total store, top-level industry, and industry categories, to help retailers understand buyer metrics and competitive interactions—within the context of their own store/departments.


Checkout Advanced Analytics

From these Essential building blocks, deeper business issues emerge, which can be explored further through Checkout Advanced Analytics. We partner with you to diagnose the problem, help you understand your category and brand growth drivers, size the opportunity for action, and provide prescriptive recommendations to drive your success. Our reports can help you to: (click for more)

  • Analyze opportunities to maximize brand loyalty and value over the product ownership lifecycle
  • Identify your most valuable customers from inside and outside of your walls
  • Size category and brand leakage, and lift
  • Measure the success of new brand launches

For greater visibility into the e-commerce channel, learn about our Checkout E-commerce Tracking offering.

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