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As consumer tastes shift, distributors and operators need to stay informed. SupplyTrack® is the first and only monthly tracking service that provides visibility into every product shipped from a critical mass of leading U.S. broadline distributors to over 700,000 commercial and non-commercial operators. With our accurate, timely, and granular reporting, you get access to information that supports your data-driven growth. SupplyTrack delivers in-depth insights for categories, brands, items, product attributes, and operator segments. It covers commercial and non-commercial operators, including: casual dining bar and grill independents, QSR pizza independents, colleges and universities, lodging, hospitals, convenience stores, and more

Use SupplyTrack to:

Improve Category Management

Incorporate detailed point-of-sale data to measure product performance, identify opportunity gaps, explore trends at the geographic level, and more.

Collaborate Better

Leverage best-in-class data to build trust with your partners while identifying new opportunities to expand your reach.

Monitor the Competition

Track competitive sales and share to pinpoint and combat the biggest threats to your business.

From Insights to Action: Client Success Stories

Our Analytic Solutions teams combine NPD’s SupplyTrack® distributor tracking data with state-of-the-discipline research methodologies to explain the “why behind the buy.” To see how our SupplyTrack Analytic Solutions can answer your most pressing business questions, check out our suite of solutions.

SupplyTrack Analytic Solutions

SupplyTrack Insights

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