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Now more than ever, you need accurate, chain-specific detail on transaction and share trends, delivered in a convenient dashboard format within days of the close of each week. CREST® Performance Alerts data is your key to rapidly identifying and responding to your competitors’ real-world marketing tactics.

CREST Performance Alerts are fueled by geo-tracking data and are informed by, harmonized with, and validated by our best-in-class portfolio of information assets. We continue to refine the methodology to enhance the signal and reduce the noise in these estimates. This powerful combination results in your industry’s best measurement of weekly competitive performance.

See how it works — get a custom snapshot of your top 2 competitors’ performance for the past week. Submit the form to tell us you want your snapshot! Your NPD account representative will contact you to demo CREST Performance Alerts and show you the performance of 2 competitors of your choice!

Why CREST Performance Alerts?

  • Identify the chains that have been most severely impacted by the mandated restaurant closures to traffic and those that have fared better than average
  • Benchmark your chain’s (or your customer’s) performance against key competitors
  • Pinpoint successful and struggling competitors so you know which ones require a response

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